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The Sign-Up Process

Step 1:  Commit to your health!

Step 2:  Click the orange "Sign Me Up" button.

Step 3:  Complete the enrollment which includes demographic information and payment information. If you are enrolling someone else but not yourself (child, spouse), don't forget to check the box "Don't enroll me as a patient." You will also be able to choose your rate and schedule (monthly, quarterly, annually). Lastly, you can check the box that you have reviewed the Forms for Signature. These forms include general information, policies, and consents and are also available to review without enrollment through the "More Information" menu item. The blue "Sign Up" button completes your enrollment!

Step 4: Yay! You're signed up. You will receive a confirmation email right away, and I will be notified that you have signed up. 

Step 5: I will send you an invite to Spruce within 1 day. Spruce is a mobile app that allows us to communicate securely. Please "Accept Invite."

Step 6: Once you accept the invite, you will be asked for your mobile number and you will be texted instructions on how to download the app. Once you've downloaded the app you can create your new patient account. 

Step 7: Once your new patient account is activated, I will formally welcome you via text and email. You will be invited to electronically sign the "Forms for Signature" which hopefully you've had multiple chances to review, and you can whiz through that and sign it electronically. You will also be given a link to my calendar to schedule your appointment. And lastly, you will also have a link to the medical history form. This last task can take time. Please be thorough as it helps me help you. 

Step 8: We have our first visit and begin a journey together!

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