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Making a decision to lose weight and improve health can be difficult. If you need more information and want to preview our sign-up forms, you can create a free online login for this site by clicking the "More Information" button below. This does NOT require any credit card information or obligation to join Flywheel Weight Loss and Wellness. 

You will be able to preview the following documents:


General information

  • Labs and ECG requirements. This gives you information on how we can obtain labs and an electrocardiogram (ECG). 

  • Letter to PCP requesting labs and ECG. If you would like your pcp to help obtain labs and an ECG, this is a letter that you can use. 

  • Recommended devices for home monitoring. These are devices that I recommend especially if you are choosing to do virtual consultations. 

  • Request for records. This is optional if we need to obtain records from any of your healthcare providers. 

  • Better Together. This gives a little more information about how Flywheel Weight Loss and The Food Doctors meal prep and delivery service can be used together. 

Policy Information

  • Cancellation Policy

  • Financial Policy

  • Notice of Privacy Practices. As medical providers, we are required to provide a notice of privacy practices. This document outlines how protected health information is allowed to be used and disclosed and under what circumstances specific authorization from the individual may or may not be required.

  • Notice of Privacy Practices, Acknowledgement of Receipt. This acknowledges that you have received the above notice of privacy practices. 

Consent Forms

  • Consent to use electronic communication such as email, text, etc. 

  • Medicare Private Contract. This explains that because Dr. Sarmiento opted out of Medicare we are not allowed to bill Medicare but we can bill a patient directly. 

  • Informed Consent. This form explains the risks and benefits of medical weight loss and will require a signature before your first visit. We will also review this at your first visit. 


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