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Dr. Sarmiento's panel is currently full and he is not accepting new patients at this time. Please complete contact information to be added to the wait list.  Those on the wait list will be contacted when space is available on a first come, first serve basis. 


Our Philosophy

Medically supervised, personalized, and successful weight loss with an emphasis on a lifetime of wellness and maintenance of lost weight.

Medically Supervised.


We know that having excess weight is the result of complex, pathophysiologic interactions between our bodies and our environment over time. So at Flywheel Weight Loss & Wellness, your weight loss is medically supervised by a certified obesity medicine specialist for lasting success. Medical supervision involves close monitoring of symptoms, vital signs (blood pressure, pulse), and labs including glucose, electrolytes, and kidney and liver function. Medical intervention which may include appetite-suppressing medications may be necessary for short and long-term success.


Whether you need just one visit to get your weight loss going, or weekly visits to keep it going, we are here to provide you with the help that you feel you need.  We specialize in various diets and lifestyles including Atkins, ketogenic and plant-based ketogenic diets, paleo, autoimmune, protein-sparing modified fasts, and intermittent fasting. Together we can customize your plan to meet your goals. 

Real food, clean eating and mindfulness.

What good is weight loss without wellness?  At Flywheel Weight Loss & Wellness we emphasize and maximize real, whole, and healthy foods. We also acknowledge that successful weight loss requires food variety and convenience. While medical grade meal replacements have their benefits, they also tend to be highly processed, inaccessible, expensive, and unsustainable. We will help you come up with the combination of whole foods and readily available over-the-counter foods and supplements that you need to make your plan work for you. 


 Flywheel is going completely virtual for 2021 with telemedicine visits via phone call, text, video, and email through a HIPAA compliant app on your smart device. If you only have 20 minutes on your lunch break, we can accommodate you without the additional time needed for you to commute. If you have a quick question, text us directly knowing that your communication is secure. You can schedule visits easily online.


We believe that medical care for weight loss should be simple and direct. You will know from the get-go how much it will cost without any surprises, and you can choose for yourself the level of support you need to get you to your goal. 

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